QuickBooks is leading edge, full function accounting for small and medium-sized businesses. Because we’ve integrated it to RLMS, you get the best of both –
World-Class Accounting
married to…
The Best Lab Management Software Available

RLMS is completely integrated with QuickBooks accounting software.  As the world leader in small business accounting software, QuickBooks is a solid, robust and dynamic accounting engine for the Radiology Lab Management System.

  1. BulletGenerate reports instantly

  2. Generate the reports you need instantly, including standard Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Sales reports, Referral reports and many more. QuickBooks 2004 has more than 120 ready-to-go reports to show you how your business is doing, and the Report Finder helps you easily find the right report by showing you the type of reports available and a handy preview of each report format.

  1. BulletUse QuickBooks easy, forms-based interface

  2. Information on Patients, Doctors, Insurers, Procedures, Pricing and Payments flows automatically from the Radiology Lab Management System to QuickBooks.  For checks, purchase orders and other items simply fill out familiar forms — QuickBooks does the math and accounting for you, instantly. QuickBooks automatically updates your accounts to reflect each transaction, from writing a check to recording a patient visit or payment.

  1. BulletEmail Forms and Reports and Save as PDFs

  2. E-mail forms and reports right from QuickBooks. Referral reports for doctors, invoices, statements, credit memos — all right from QuickBooks. You can save forms and reports as a PDF format, so they'll look professional when you print.

  1. BulletSend shipments easily with QuickBooks Shipping Manager

  2. Save time and help reduce errors by processing FedEx shipments and creating shipping labels right from QuickBooks invoices. Plus, you can save with special FedEx shipping rates!

  1. BulletManage payroll processing and payroll taxes in QuickBooks

  2. If you choose to use QuickBooks Payroll Features you can reduce the chance of payroll errors and penalties by processing your payroll in QuickBooks. You can manage payroll processing and direct deposit and handle your payroll taxes right from QuickBooks.

  1. BulletAutomatically create a budget

  2. Create a budget automatically using your existing QuickBooks data. Easily adjust your lab’s budget numbers in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

  1. BulletTrack information for taxes and easily share data with an accountant

  2. QuickBooks 2004 helps you track the information you or your accountant will need for your business taxes. Easily track records of income, payroll, and sales tax. QuickBooks even has tax alerts for quarterly and monthly tax payments, so you'll know when a deadline is approaching. To make tax preparation even easier, QuickBooks includes Form 1099.


    RLMS runs the front office.

    QuickBooks takes it from there.

The combined system will simply copy Patients, Dentists, Orthodontists and Insurers into QuickBooks when you enter them into RLMS.  All procedures, pricing, payments and receivables flow automatically to QuickBooks as they happen. Track your expenses using QuickBooks and use QuickBooks to easily and effectively do your own payroll, if you wish. ...Seamless.

Fully Networked

Patient Scheduling and Tracking

X-ray Cards, Photo Labels, Receipts

Schedule and Track Deliveries

Daily and Periodic Summaries

Specialized Reporting

Standard Insurance Forms

Custom Insurance Forms

The Radiology Lab Management System

Complete, Single System Lab Management




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  1. BulletInvoice Patients easily and track payments

  2. Create an invoice with a click of a button, and easily track Patient, Doctor and Insurer payments and apply payments to invoices. QuickBooks also helps you fill out your sales tax form in minutes and helps you make sure your sales tax balance is accurate and up-to-date.