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Putting it All Together

The Radiology Lab Management System is a complete, comprehensive business process software package for the oral imaging center.  RLMS will help you get the center organized and running more productively.

The package pulls together your practice information, digital images and documentation into a single patient record.  From initial scheduling to final packaging and delivery of images and reports to the doctor, RLMS is a single business process system that automates and streamlines your lab.

RLMS is designed to suit your specific business.  It can be licensed and deployed to your computer network or delivered as a service over the Internet to multiple labs simultaneously.


Radiology Lab Management System

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“This Program is a perfect fit for our business.  However, the true advantage of working with RLMS is the partnership they have with us....”
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Two New Features NOW AVAILABLE.

RLMS Online Scheduling is released to customers.     more...

RLMS Internet Delivery is released to customers.    more...

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RLMS because.....


15 years ago we pioneered Imaging Center practice management.  We’ve never looked back.

  Our Customers

The best way to learn about RLMS is to listen to our customers.


With it’s modular design, RLMS lets you configure the right solution - large or small.


We custom design all your forms and your electronic deliveries to suit your business process.



Our goals are your goals.  We improve efficiency in the lab, let you market your services better and integrate your business to the doctor’s office.

  Best Practices

Get valuable tips from the active RLMS community around the world.

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New Video Promotes CBCT Directly to Patients -

Right in your Doctor’s Office

Give your doctors a powerful new tool to introduce 3D imaging to their patients. 

This 3 minute video is private labeled for your imaging center.  It informs patients about the new Standard of Care - CBCT imagery.

Your doctors now have a tool to educate patients so they can make informed decisions for themselves.

  1. BulletLimit the liability exposure to your referring dentists

  2. BulletStrengthen your brand in the market

  3. BulletOffer added value to doctors with practical educational information relating to CBCT

  4. BulletIncrease your CBCT referrals!

Unlimited distribution to your doctors, post it on your web site, include it in your RLMS image deliveries.

Online Support

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