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Read about these rlms features...

Digital Patient File

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Built to Meet Your Needs

RLMS allows you to manage interrelated information in a consistent, systematic, user-controlled fashion. 

From the database of patients, images, doctors, procedures and pricing, you can generate invoices and statements for patients and create final reports for doctors.

RLMS produces labels, cards and insurance forms for work in process. The system will track and manage patient receivables, histories and financial relationships with doctors.  It will format and finalize electronic images and burn CDs or deliver to doctors over the Internet.

Summary reports for the business allow you to easily collect financial results from any time period.  Manage and analyze your business, create intelligent marketing programs and interface with your favorite bookkeeping or accounting program.

The Flow of Your Business

Doctors are seeing a patient in their office and determine that imaging is a requirement of the treatment plan.  While the patient is at the doctor's office, the doctor’s staff creates an appointment at the imaging center using an Internet connection.  The staff confirms with the patient and prints a reminder for the patient before they leave.

At the imaging center, the schedule itself can be customized to show, at a glance, all the appointment details you need to see.

When patients arrive, you complete the patient profile.  Your system is preprogrammed with all your doctor information, their surveys, procedures and individual pricing and preferences.  Get patient consent to treatment and acknowledgment of HIPAA compliance through electronic signature capture.  Scan any miscellaneous paper into the patient file and go completely paperless.

Once registered in RLMS, data is handed off automatically for registration to selected imaging devices such as Dolphin, Gendex, i-CAT and others.  At the same time, the patient record is established in QuickBooks.  Avoid re-registration effort with each of these systems and eliminate possible duplicating errors.

Just one entry into the Radiology Lab Management System populates both the imaging systems and QuickBooks with every element of Lab information - patients, doctors, insurers, pricing and procedures.  This single patient file system keeps the whole business seamless and synchronized.


Customized Just

for Your Lab

Every copy of the radiology Lab Management System is programmed for a custom fit to your business. 

Send us your logo, x-ray labels, insurance forms, envelopes, cards... everything you need to output. 

Specify your imaging devices, file structures and electronic report formats. 

We'll build a custom

version - just for you!

Digital Reporting

RLMS knows where every report image exists in the network and pulls them together automatically for reporting to the doctors.

Whether delivered

over the Internet or

by CD, your report

has a customized


report cover that

organizes and




Doctors easily

navigate the

report and

select the


they need.

Reporting features...

Report Builder Tutorial

Report Builder Download

The Radiology Lab  Management System creates scalability for your lab operations.  Whether you want to manage one lab remotely or build a comprehensive management system across an enterprise of 20 or more labs, RLMS provides features to build to any operational scale.  Create single point scheduling for multiple labs, share patient and doctor profiles, pricing and procedure information across the country on a real time basis.

Report, Analyze, Manage and Improve

Get control of your business operations with RLMS.  Create daily reports of activity.  Track and analyze patient and procedure data over time.  Compile and summarize activity for doctors as reports back to them and as tools for better marketing.  Using RLMS standard reports and the QuickBooks integration, analyze profitability, balance your resources, and make investment decisions with better information. 

Beyond these options, users can dig further into the information for more detailed analyses.  The Custom Report Builder extension to RLMS is a tool to access and correlate all the data available in the system to build reports unique to your business.  This is a free extension to the product.  RLMS Report Builder is a highly sophisticated tool that provides unlimited reporting potential.


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Produce Results

The productivity and profitability of your lab turn on the

efficiency of your operations.  RLMS streamlines the workflow of patient management.  Appointment data rolls into automatic invoicing and receipt generation.  Customized insurance forms are instantly populated with the right data and printed.


Imaging devices have received auto-registration from RLMS and correctly associate digital patient images with the appropriate patient file.  RLMS creates a single index for each patient across multiple imaging devices so a single reference and data access point exists for ALL patient information.

From this single reference RLMS creates a patient report for delivery to the doctor.  Include images in all formats, PDF files, movies and any other data on a customized basis for each doctor.  Burn these reports to CD, include viewing software, or choose one-click delivery over the Internet.