Our Friends


The American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians


AADMRT is an association of dental radiographic professionals that represent the challenge of advancing in the field of dentomaxillofacial radiography and promotes development of the profession.


The American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology


The purpose of the Academy is to promote and advance the art and science of radiology in dentistry, and to provide a forum for communication among and professional advancement of its members.

IDEA - Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy


IDEA offers premier advanced continuing dental education programs.  IDEA uses RLMS in their practice and features it in their education courses.  The quality of their training programs is second to none. The Academy of General Dentistry, the European Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology have certified the education provided at IDEA.

International Association of Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology


The IADMFR represents and develops dentomaxillofacial radiology at the international level.

About RLMS


Our Partners

Dolphin Imaging


RLMS integrates with Dolphin to create a single patient registration at the front desk.  RLMS creates automatic patient registration in Dolphin each time Dolphin will be used.



RLMS integrates with Gendex to create a single patient registration at the front desk.  RLMS creates automatic patient registration in Gendex each time Gendex will be used.



QuickBooks Pro is the standard of excellence for small business accounting.  The RLMS integration carries every element of Patient, Doctor and Insurer data to QuickBooks for full financial management of the business.

The ddi Education Center


The ddi Education Center courses have been designed to provide the knowledge, skills and practice that lead to improve clinical performance.  The Center contains all of the main categories of digital imaging technology/devices which are used for the hands-on portion of our courses.  RLMS is installed on 20 PCs at the Education Center and classes are taught in its use.

Interlink Electronics


RLMS is integrated with the ePad-ink to capture patient signatures for HIPAA compliance, consent, insurance and other documentation.  It’s one component in the RLMS paperless lab.

Imaging Sciences, i-CAT


RLMS is integrating with i-CAT to create a single patient registration at the front desk. RLMS will create automatic patient registration in i-CAT each time i-CAT will be used.

Xoran Technologies


RLMS is working with Xoran to extend the integration with i-CAT to include image delivery and diagnostic collaboration for radiologists and labs.


RLMS Technical Specifications

RLMS runs in Microsoft Windows environments -

XP, Windows 7 and

Windows 8.

The product requires high speed data connection to the Internet for some of its features.

RLMS requires the presence and maintenance of  an appropriate Microsoft local network and associated peripherals.



The Radiology Lab Management System was developed to meet the needs of Oral Radiology Lab owners.  The product has been serving our customers since 1997.  Design Technology provides capitalization and business infrastructure for the RLMS product family.

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