What they say about us...

Diagnostic Digital Imaging

Sacramento, California   

“RLMS software has helped our company go completely paperless in the front office. This has made us more competent and efficient by allowing us to never misplace paperwork. It has saved us money on our new office by allowing us to build in fewer file and storage cabinets. Booking patients into the schedule with our multiple sites is perfect. We can view all our offices at any location and help patients and doctors offices no matter what DDI center they call.”

Rocky Mountain Oral X-Ray

Denver, Colorado   

“RLMS is the business process foundation for our offices.  We rely on it to give us the productivity and efficiency that helps make our operations profitable.”

Halpert Dental X-Ray

Woodland Hills, California   

“The Radiology Lab Management System gives us an effective work flow that we could never have achieved without this program.  It’s great!”


San Antonio, Texas   

“This program is a perfect fit for our business. However, the true advantage of working with RLMS is the partnership they have with us.  RLMS is constantly developing and updating our software with new features that allow me to operate and build a better imaging center.”


San Francisco, California   

“RLMS is the heart of our operational system for all 13 offices.  We’ve grown with this product for 7 years.  We couldn’t be where we are today without it.”

Northwest Radiography

Issaquah, Washington   

“NWR has benefitted from innovative responses by the RLMS team.  We have implemented customized network solutions which allow fast access to business trends and seamlessly speeds our services to our customers.  There is no better product for our industry - and we have looked!  We count on them as an important partner in the future of our referral imaging business.”

Golden State Oral X-Ray

North Hollywood, California  

“Finally someone realized the needs and developed a quality solution to our problem.  The savings started immediately.”



“I would highly recommend this software to those who own and operate Maxillofacial imaging centers.”

Craig Dial

Diagnostic Digital Imaging

Sacramento, CA

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