The Radiology Lab Management System - RLMS


The Radiology Image Management System – RIMS

together become…  complete, Single System Lab Management

    Information and Images

Working together, RLMS and RIMS synchronize lab operations.  As soon as patient visits are complete and reports and images are ready, they are automatically collected and organized for delivery.  With one click, choose to burn a CD or start Internet delivery directly to the doctor’s desktop.  Internet delivery runs in the background.  It is integrated with RLMS on-line scheduling, but it can be licensed and used independently.  Using either digital delivery method, the lab has a single database of files that link business information with images, delivery and reporting data.

   Fully Networked – Local and Remote

   Patient Scheduling and Tracking

   X-ray Cards, Photo Labels

   Invoices, Receipts, Statements

Other RLMS Features...   

    RLMS Runs the Front Office

   Daily and Periodic Summaries

   Specialized Reporting

   Integrated to QuickBooks Accounting Software

   Standard and Custom Insurance Forms

    RIMS Organizes Images and Delivers for your Customers

Automatically hand off patient registration data and procedure information to imaging systems.  Then use RIMS to collect images from different imaging devices in a variety of formats.  Organize them together into customized templates and reports you create and store to suit individual doctors.  Then burn to CD or deliver over the Internet.  Doctors have a current status for each patient and live, real-time delivery of images and reports.

  1. BulletThis process creates a single workflow through the lab. 

  2. Replace redundant and homegrown systems that “patch together” manual and incompatible systems.

  1. BulletSimple to Use, Sophisticated Results

  2. Simply choose which digital delivery method you prefer, Burn a CD or RIMS Internet Delivery.  As soon as you “One Click” the RIMS delivery engine starts.  Data begins streaming to the doctor’s office, in the background, while you proceed with other activity.

The Radiology Lab Management System

Complete, Single System Lab Management




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  1. BulletOverlapping business processes are eliminated

  2. BulletRedundant data entry is eliminated

  3. BulletInformation integrity is increased

  4. BulletImage production and delivery is highly efficient

  5. BulletYour customers have  real time delivery from your lab

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Imaging Center View

  1. BulletComplete State of the Art Service to your Doctors

Doctors can see the summary for any patient that has been referred to your imaging center - right on their own computer.  Doctors can view the date a referral was made to the imaging center, the list of procedures specified,  history of any and all patient appointments, (including missed appointments) and finally, the summary report and images resulting from the imaging center’s work.

  1. BulletA Virtual Lab - Right in your Doctor’s Office

Doctors have visibility into the patient’s imaging progress and results with all the timeliness and accuracy of their own personal imaging center - except it’s your center, not theirs!

  1. BulletComplete Control Over Image Delivery

Select any patient and the associated appointment date and the list of the files being delivered for that appointment will show in the right window pane.

Files will download by patient in the order the patients are listed from top to bottom.  Use the red arrow keys to move a patient up or down the list which will re-prioritize deliveries.

You can watch the status of deliveries.  Files successfully transferred with be checked off in the Status column.

  1. BulletHigh Quality, Sophisticated Reporting

Whether delivered by CD or the Internet, your digital product is impressive.

Clicking the “Open” option at the doctor’s office launches the RLMS Browser Window - an Electronic Report Cover you design to maximize your value to the doctor.

  1. Doctor’s Office View

  1. RIMS Electronic Report Cover

“Open” Displays the Electronic Report Cover

“Browse” opens the folder and lists all files in the delivery

“Copy” allows you to push the report package to another location

Click to create new patients.

Then click to schedule them using their preferences.

Toggle between the two screens using the tabs.

Complete history of all appointments and report deliveries for each patient.

Know when the imaging center is online.

Know when your office is online.

Move names up or down to re-prioritize deliveries

Image delivery is accessed from the patient’s invoice tab.

Image Delivery sub-tab is active when you have this RLMS feature installed.

See delivery status, resend jobs, keep track of all deliveries to your docs

Choose to burn a CD or deliver directly over the Internet

Files of all types gathered and organized from throughout the local network

“One-CLick” delivery